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News.Winter Weekends: Clue Scrolls 29th Dec to 1st Jan

The Runescape Winter Weekends is on hot now, and the Clue Scrolls will come soon on Dec 29th. Do you want to join it? Buy more cheap Runescape gold from runescapegoldfast.com. And let's look more details about Clue Scroll.


One free clue reroll rewards every day.

The chance to get clue scrolls from drops and pickpocketing have Improved.

One free clue scroll per day provided by Gilly Willikers(starting at noon).


Type dependent on total level:

Total levels 37-1,400: easy

Total levels 1,401-2,000: medium

Total levels 2,001-2,500: hard

Total levels 2,501+ : elite


Each clue scroll completed will reward a festive box containing festive food, besides you have a chance to containing one of the following items:


Slayer VIP tickets

Silverhawk down

Tight springs


Experience lamps and stars


Easy clues reward a festive box: easy

Medium and hard clues a festive box: hard

Eite clues a festive box: elite


That's all, remember the Clue Scroll ended on 1st Jan, catch this chance. Runescapegoldfast Christmas sale is in progress, cheap RS gold with 5% free code 'happy'.