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News.Win the full cost of paying for RuneFest travel 2!

The road to Menaphos is usually covered with gold. And for the three lucky "Scapers", they will be in 2017 RuneFest's road will also be covered with glittering things. Now it's the time to buy cheap Runescape gold to prepare for the 2017 RuneFest. Learn more details for RuneFest.

We will pay three full trips in this year's RuneFest, which will be issued in London on Saturday, September 23, this year.


You will get your travel arrangements, accommodation, RuneFest before the night and RuneFest day pass and £ 250 income to start *. It's a "Scaper Paradise Poker".

So how do you get to win this incredible winning chance? This is an interesting element. You have to use the golden path to unlock the legendary story.


"What should I do?" We heard someone ask.

Well, we'll let you make sure yourself. Even if it is such a clue: look at the film is found positive. There is no idea, everything is: Menaphos - eternal, infinite city.


Everyone who completes the whole fight will get a special Menaphos theme award (those quick to get something better!).

Good luck, adventurers - do not forget: clues hidden in any place, even in plain sight!

By the way, Double XP and Menaphos will be available on 19th, May. Don't miss them

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