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News.Wilderness Rejuvenation II Update in 2018

The Wilderness Rejuvenation II will have a new update in 2018, especially the overall synergy between content and graphics. So now we need to look what we need focus on during early 2018.


More details below:

Revenant graphics Adjustment.

Addressing the drops within the Revenant Cave to better align with the polled GP rates, as they are currently under what we had hoped to achieve.

To make the Mage Arena 2 boss mechanics feel more challenging and rework it.

Use new assets to completely recreate the Mage Arena 2 boss graphics.

Nerf the Twisted bow's effectiveness in Mage Arena 2.

Expand on the story and ensure Mage Arena 2 follows typical lore.

Consider improve the power of charged God spells vs the Mage Arena 2 bosses.


If anyone have mixed opinions about those, come to this forum thread and leave your feedback.


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