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News.Why is it HARD for an OSRS Player to Play RS3?

Many of the new players wonder which amongst the both OSRS and RS3 is better than the other? But as a player who has played both of these games would know how different both of these games are and as much as I would love to compare both of these games, it all just comes down to personal preference.

However, coming from the same developer, Jagex, players can’t help but wonder which game should they be playing in 2021 and what exactly makes both of these games different besides the fact that both of these games have quite different graphics! So in this article I am going to try and break it down for the new players to help them make a decision about which game should they be playing in 2021 and more importantly why is it so hard for an OSRS player to get started with RS3? Let’s get started!

MMO Experience - OSRS vs RS3

The very first thing that I am going to be focusing on is actually the MMO experience which is what it all comes down to and if you ask any long time MMO player, he would agree that both of these games actually provide you a completely different MMO experience!

So, if you are just starting off with your first MMO game and you are not sure which one to go for. Just ask yourself a few simple questions, what would you prefer between grinding for months to EARN the xp to become a pro player OR fast XP rewards to keep you motivated and excited about the game? Secondly, would you rather prefer to have a better PVP experience or PVM experience?

Now if you answered with the former, it’d be better if you start with the Old School Runescape as it gives you the old and classic experience where it all comes down to patiently grinding for every single XP and the osrs gold and also a great PVP experience compared to RS3. But if you don’t want to commit yourself to months of hard work to be able to see some progress, you can go with RS3 as it is literally a gold mine compared to OSRS, you get more XP points easily, grinding isn’t much of a hassle and overall keeps you motivated to get going!

Playability - OSRS vs RS3

Now this one is really important as it can be a make or break moment for any new player. In terms of playability or gameplay, both of these games are widely different. Although RS3 is supposed to be somewhat easy for the modern players to get into and it kind of is when it comes to earning a TON of RS3 gold, it has grown out to be a hassle for any new player to get into the game. And that is mostly because of the overwhelming UI or the game’s interface.

I mean, a single player would never be able to figure it out on its own because there are just so many menus floating around, waiting to be customized and it just gets so overwhelming. Whereas the OSRS although being ruthless when it comes to the gameplay, is somewhat easy for the new players with some MMO experience to get started with and that is the reason why I think it’s more than HARD for the OSRS player to get started with RS3, I mean I wouldn’t spend hours trying to just figure how in the world would the buttons work!!

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