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News.What's New with the Expansion of Fishing Guild

Runescape has announced the expansion of fishing guild, what's new about it? Now runescapegoldfast will tell you.


New fishing method:

A new method of fishing can be found on the new platform, which can be accessed through the Arctic Platform of the Fishing Society.


How to access new fishing platform?

If you go to the fishing platform at the northern end of the platform, you will encounter Kelly Minnow. She had a troubled place to catch the carp found in the walls of the lake. If you provide help, she will ship you to the new fishing platform, where you can fishing carp. Fishing carp is a new click-intensive method of obtaining sharks through fishing techniques. Kylie Minnow will trade minnow in a 1:40 ratio.


Minnow fishing:

The new platform of the fishing guild can carry out fish fishing, which has the following requirements:


82 level fishing (you can't raise to this level)

Full Angler's Outfit (only once to unlock the platform)

Complete the fishing match


Minnow are caught in a small fishing net and piled up in your inventory, but the location of the fishing spot moves quickly and there is a threat to flying fish. The flying fish will appear randomly at the fishing point and consume your minnow at a rate of 16-26 minutes each time.



In the level 82 fishing,the average hourly experience is about 40,000 XP, the average hourly GP is about 400k

In the level 99 fishing, the average hourly experience is about 50,000 XP, the average hourly GP is about 650k


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