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News.What's Runescape Coming in 2018?

Runescape have some sensational updates planned in 2018. Dragon Slayer II, OSRS Mobile, Deadman Spring Invitational and more. Besides, don't forget to buy cheap Runescape Gold.


Dragon Slayer II

Dragon Slayer II will be released on the 4th January, the epic second part of the Dragon Slayer quest line.  Uncover the secrets of Elvarg and her attack on Crandor when travel to the Myth's Guild, and challenge Vorkath, a mighty new boss!


OSRS Mobile

The first round of OSRS Mobile beta testing will commence in January later. Soon you'll be able to experience cross-platform gameplay on a fully mobile optimised interface. Check out the latest Dev Blog on mobile now.


Others updates

Deadman Spring Invitational, another quest, and Easter will also have updates between January and June.


In June, the Theatre of Blood will be raid also - new vampire themed.  This expansion to the desolate Meiyerditch area will bring in new puzzles, lore, and exciting new rewards based on your feedback.


That's all about we will see next year. Now buy runescape gold with code 'runescape3' to get more 5% free.