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News.Up Coming Update Invention Batch 2 in Runescape

That's a good news to Runescapers! The new month is come, there have some updates coming up in September. Runescapegoldfast has introduce the Balthazar's Big Raffle 2017 and Double XP Weekend before, you can click it out to learn more. Today, we will share Invention Batch 2 to you.


This is the moment you've been waiting for maybe. Invention Batch 2 finally came to RuneScape and provided a series of new devices to help you in the game. Do you want to mechanize siphon or Equipment separator? That's all possiable.


Runescape also introduced a new concept: the machine.


What the machine could do?


The machine allows you to turn your items into what you want. The wood into a board, noble items or your skin hidden on the leather; the opportunity is endless. The best point they are AFK, or even offline progress. Like agriculture, these machines will continue to work even if they do not log in, all you need to do is keep them full of divine responsibility.


What's the changes  Runescape has made to 'Invention Batch 2'?


Removed the inspiration.

Incremental devices can now be traded.

Augmented items have benefits beyond level 12 now . (Reduced drain rate and increased chance of activation)


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