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News.Treasure Hunter :Elite Skilling Outfit Bonanza

Good news for RuneScape Fans! The new Outfit is coming! The runescapegoldfast now share the details with you. Besides, you can prepare more RS gold from our site now!


From July 5 00:00 UTC to July 10 at 23:59, in the treasure hunter who picked up the wizard equipment, and then combined with their production of elite skills equipment.

In the first five days, there will be different types of equipment, including Bonanza's several new entries - "Rogue Camouflage" and "Gorajan for Dungeoneering". Well, on the sixth day, you will have the opportunity to get five types of Outfit.

* July 5: Ethereal (Runecrafting)

* July 6: Shark (Fishing)

* July 7: Divine simulation (divination)

* July 8: Camouflage (theft)

*July 9: Gorajo (Dungeoneering)

* July 10: All clothing


How does elite skills work?

Each standard skill is equipped with three different varieties (Dungeoneering equipment 4), each species has five pieces. Wear, these skills provide XP with skills related bonuses, some of which will increase the effectiveness of wearing more parts, some of which are only granted when wearing a full set.

Combine all three varieties of equipment to create an elite skill equipment.



Please note that elite skills can't be directly won in the treasure hunter who can only be created by the skills of low-rise clothing.

When all five elite skills are created and run together, they give the skill a lot of benefits.


Infinity Ethereal Outfit

* Sneak in Runespan 7% chance of multiplying runes (so XP)

* Provide five daily deliveries to Hornie

* There is no rune trip between civilians (skills are still required)

*50% chance of rune bags is not degraded

* 12 runes of essence or essence can be stored on the body

*Body and legs lose weight

* The corresponding works are given to the influence of Master Runecrafting Robes, Wicked Robes, Wicked Hood and Morytania Legs 4.


Fury Shark Outfit

*+ 7% fishing opportunities

Have the opportunity to catch additional fish

* Do not use bait when seizing the opportunity

* Life rock creatures are not aggressive

*Provide XP lift for gears for each piece of work

*You can select all captured fish, XP twice, no bank run


Elder Divination Outfit

* 7% chance of doubling the harvest of memory, giving XP and divine power twice as much

* 7% chance of copying a chronicle or older chronology

5% chance of 5 times the energy to gather wisdom

* You can provide three transmissions for any small colony every day, as long as the level and task requirements are met

* Unlimited transmission to May Stormbrewer. If the world wakes up to finish, this includes Guthix's cave

* XP upgrade for Diviner equipment for each corresponding clip


Master Camouflage Outfit

* 7% chance to pickpocket twice

* When picking up pickpockets, there are 7% chance to avoid earthquakes

* 7% chance to avoid snake bites in pyramid plunder

* Allow continuous automatic picking up to 10 times

* increase the chance of finding black Ibis clothing and divine token in the "pyramid plunder"

* Increase the chance to find the Seren symbol

* Give XP effects of "Silent Gloves", Trahaearn Outer Bone and Black Ibis (if owned)


Warped Gorajan Trailblazer Outfit

* In Dungeoneering, 7% XP can enhance all the skills

* Ground finish 7% XP upgrade

* The dilution rate of skilled points is reduced by 7%

* Dungeoneering raised 7% of combat damage

* Reward store and floor credit discount 7%

* At Dungeoneering, the + 3 level boosts all statistics

* In Rungeoneering, the rare Slayer thugs had higher oviposition rates

* Do not fall on the cold floor

* Each layer may skip a puzzle room

*20% chance of not using a locker

* + 3 days of water hole transfer

* + 10% XP from Sinkhole dungeoneering lights


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