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News.Treasure Hunter: Bonus Chests return

Runescapers, good news! Bonus Chests returned to Treasure Hunter.


Activity time:

From Jul. 12 00:00 UTC to July 17th UTC 23: 59. During the time, which offered a double or triple prize of a normal chest before opening, plus a cheeky peep. Compared with the last time, the opportunity to get third prize or twice!




Everyone can log in and open the treasure hunters once it starts to receive three free middle prism lights and opens more chest further forward. Yes - even if you previously claimed them in Bonus Chests' operation.

Please note: This promotion does not apply to Ironman accounts.


How does it work?

Each key you use to open the chest will increase the cost of the progress bar at the top of the Treasure Hunter interface.


At five, your bonus will be fully displayed, allowed to open (no extra keys are required), prizes will be doubled or tripled. From this point, you can open the chest, or keep the normal chest.


Each chest you open will redefine the chest's contents and multiplier (visible). The bar will not progress more than 10, but you can open more of the chest to refresh the bonus content. Open bonus - of course - reset the bar to 0.


Please enjoy!


Thanks for reading! Have fun to open those Bonus Chests. More news and guide about RS will be coming in runesgoldfast . Prepare more 07 runescape gold for this event.