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News.Thermonuclear Smoke Devil details and Mobile Changes

There are some new informations about Thermonuclear Smoke Devil and Mobile Changes,Let's see all datas in detail.


1.Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Redesign


The Thermonuclear smoke devil has been graphically reworked. The Pet smoke devil has been changed to match and given a transform option, allowing it to switch between the boss and regular Smoke devil models.


The new boss version and pet with standard Smoke devils in the background.


Moreover,Bucket packs containing 100 noted Buckets each have been added to General Stores and Farming Shops.


2.Mobile Changes


To make selection easier,The spacing between options has been increased on various menus and interfaces


The following have been updated for now:

The Quest list.
The world switcher.
The music interface.
Choice options that appear in the chatbox.
Teleports from Player Owned Houses and certain jewellery.


What's more,As the chat stones cannot be used when the chatbox is open, they are now covered to save space.


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