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News.The details of Pitch Can and obtain Cremation ability from F2P worlds

Now you have chance to get Pitch can from Char's Training Cave with the released of Line Firemaking. And it is avaliable all of the day. Besides, you can learn how to obtain Cremation ability in F2P worlds. Please read for more information below.


How to get Pitch Can?

By participating in Char's training cave, you have access to this Pitch can(full). In addition, from now on, this training hole is open all day (it used to be a weekly distraction and shift). You can talk to Char RuneScape at the cave entrance and start training. The most important thing is that the more symbols you make, the more chances you get for Can.


How to use Pitch Can?

The new pitch Can could be used to improve the line type system. When carrying a light to ignite, the fire will quickly light up, allowing for faster fire training. In addition, it can speed up the time between each log addition to Bonfire. Remember that each log burn consumes one charge, while canned food costs 2000.


How to refill Pitch Can?

In order to refill Pitch Can, you need to re-enter Char training. The jar is tradable when it is full or empty.


How to get Cremation ability?

With this week's patch update, you can once again get the Creativity and Ghost Hunter gear from the ghost of F2P. At the same time, in order to more easily notice the message box message is added when unlocking the cremation ability.


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