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News.The details and guides about RuneScape Relic of Aminishi

The first Elite Dungeon has released in game,Now,Let's learn all informations about it.


RuneScape Temple of Aminishi


RuneScape Temple of Aminishi is the first elite dungeon located on the island of Aminishi,The only requirement to participate in The Temple of Aminishi Elite Dungeon is the completion of the Port Sarim quest 'Impressing the Locals'.


You can team up with up to two other players via the grouping system or attempt to solo the content directly for more lucrative loot.


There are five sections inside the temple, each of these packed out with factions, minibosses and, along the way you’ll run into challenging bosses blocking the way to the final encounter.


If you failed,Your progress will be saved so you can head back in and continue where you left off, skipping to any unlocked checkpoints. For those who want more of a lore experience you can attempt to play the content in story mode, a mode where the monsters are toned down significantly but with significantly reduced rewards.


You can obtain Relic of Aminishi from the enemies in Elite dungeons, like just released Temple of Aminishi. And There are three tiers of relics:

1.Relic of aminishi (common)
2.Relic of aminishi (uncommon)
3.Relic of aminishi (rare)


Some rewards


1.Combat XP

2.Dungeoneering Token/XP

3.Items are awarded upon defeating normal mobs/minibosses in Temple of Aminishi

4.Dropped in the Elite dungeons by enemies, you have the chance to get RuneScape Relics of aminishi with different rarities.

5.They are mainly used in high alchemy and disassembly, and give random Invention materials (usually common) along with junk when disassembled.

6.One boss pet with this update, from the one and only Seiryu.


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