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News.The Upcoming Updates About Runescape In October

Curse the size of the curse

Talking about the first update of this month is a brand new, completely free game mode called Damned's dimension. Fighting, making and collaborating is the focus of this exciting two week zombie festival where you can control the full version of your normal account to protect the meat tribe.

Starting on October 16th, this game is focused on Falador and other free game worlds, surrounded by dead corps, plaguing you from adventure in the safe area, collecting raw materials and building up your equipment

Protect your team by building roadblocks or use them to disrupt competition in the region. Each player can earn points by killing a variety of zombie types (including the experience of 10 bosses), which can be used on fighters for Falador. You can find unique equipment, power ups and useful materials to help you increase your points and hope to get unique ultimate invitations.

The grand final will be held on October 28th. Each invited player starts to be fresh at zero, but the death is permanent. In two hours of time, the world slowly shrink, more and more monsters lay eggs, until the end, only one player. Unique prizes and glorious recognition waiting!

Since the update is completely free, all accounts starting from the highest level, which is a good time to work with new friends and old friends.


Halloween Ghost Story

Strong supernatural ammunition tough, this year's Hallowe'en update focused on storytelling. You will find stories of torture ghosts around the world and solve some stubborn puzzles to help them rest.

Half of the fans of the story are directly from the wonderful player to submit, the other half by some of the RuneScape talented JMods wrote. Available - part - free players as well as members, rewards include a new Hallowe'en expression, title and a great cosmetic equipment that makes you a headless knight!



If you are looking for something less terrible, check out Novtumberfest!

This is Gielinor's first export craving for the Oktoberfest - this is a large beach-style event that will have plenty of exciting activities when you rest the world guardian's heavy duty.

Try new season games, Kegel, practice table dancing, take a giant carousel, or join the latest epic bar in the world. Waiting for a lot of rewards,  including barrel pets, wolpertingers, thigh-slapping outfits, new dance emotes, and a healthy chunk of XP too.


CS week

October also sends Count Check's return to Lumbridge's bright lights to fully motivate you to learn more about the benefits of account security.

Just use a lot of options every day and get a free key every day to keep your account safe. Every day directly from Count, as well as XP lights and even some games can also be free to get safe inspiration clues. Learn more for next week!


There are more Free-to-Play Content in October, such as the Fletching skill, two D&Ds, the Warriors' Guild, craftable off-hands, crossbows. So focus on runescapegoldfast.com continue! Offering the cheapest 2007 runescape gold to you!