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News.The Third Door2

8 It can not be directly over the northwest corner of the three this time needs down the ladder , the ladder from the second floor , has come to head south , where there is another ladder that can last three. ( In fact, there is a level near embedded in the wall inside, on the third floor you can ) . 9 from a ladder to climb to the third floor after the first go north to the next pillar, then go west , you can go to a place that has two steps . ( if it is from step up the wall , then go north and then transferred to the East , too , but if the wall has a blade ( blade ) may trip you, of course, if your agility is high enough , then there is no problem . ) from under the south stairs to the second floor (which has previously said that , here is the best place to rest , there is no shadow to disturb you ) , from the north side of the stairs to the third floor. well, came out, first west, then north middle through a narrow channel , there are two or three blade trip you will come out from the wall , and finally came to the northwest corner of the three-tier , where you should be able to see the blue light coming from the east .

10. The mirror into the pillar, adjust the angle , so that the blue down , this time you can not see down the blue , so adjust the time note at the bottom of the mirror ( short side ) to the west , at the top ( long side ) to East .

11 Finally, along the same route back to the place where the old two-story collector , down the steps to the bottom and then go to the northwest , and finally through one yellow door and into the northwest corner . Pillar in the northwest corner , adjust the angle of the mirror , it 's light south, a yellow open another door into the chamber, ransacked the inside of the chest ( box ) , and then get a mirror and this time if you want to return to Ardougne supplementary food and medicine can be sent directly back but if you want to return to the second floor of the lounge , it should adjust the mirror angle pillar , and it fired the east , and then you can backtrack along .