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News.The Rewards of Wilderness Rejuvenation II

The rewards for Wilderness Rejuvenation II has out now. More information of it below, you can learn more about it.

Amulet of Peril

An uncharged amulet deals +5 for all attack bonus properties and +5 for melee powers. Full charge, all attack bonus value of +25, +15.

The amulet will be billed based on the percentage of the wearer's remaining health, working in increments of 10. The 99 HP player must use 9 or fewer points to get the maximum statistic reward for amulets.


For the amulets to gain any additional attributes, you must fight your main target for at least 5 game cycles, which equates to 3 seconds. If you attack a new target, this timer will be reset.


Loot Key Scroll

Once scrolled, the Loot Keys is a permanent unlock that allows players to switch as many times as they want from the witch in Edgeville at no additional cost.


Kill a player using the drop key, the key will fall in the way you expect normal plunder fall. You still need to run to pick it up. The keys will have a "check" option, this option is available when they are on the floor or in your list. This will tell you the key value. Then you can decide if it's worth getting away from an existing one on the floor.


PvP Armours

Many players are worried that people will switch to PvP armor in order to avoid deteriorating timers, just a click or tank. We've coded these armor in ways that prevent players from being able to extend their duration. Armor will last the maximum time is 60 minutes.


Each armor lasts 60 degeneration cycles and occurs every 100 game cycles (60 seconds) in combat. Any time you switch to armor in combat, you add a downgrade cycle. Due to this degenerative mechanism, the armor will last much less than 1 hour if the wearer repeatedly switches between and among other objects.


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