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News.The Return of Line Firemaking and Cheap Runescape

Line Firemaking RuneScape returned this month. Meanwhile, there is a really fun TH - Tribal Trials coming, during which you can unlock Howie. Read on to learn more and buy RuneScape gold cheap here.


What can you enjoy from RuneSape Line Firemaking?

You have the ability to ignite the fires faster when at level 70 with the return of Line Firemaking, . More importantly, Char's weekly mini-games will become a repeatable training method. This means that after completing The Firemaker's Curse quest, you can visit Char's training cave at any time. In addition, from it you may get a Pitch can that can speed up the bonfire acceleration. Finally, this item can significantly speed up the Line Firemaking, high-XP, high-intensity training method again.

Remember that Pitch can could trade. And the greedy firmakers will make a tasty return when they hold a can in their hand.


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