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News.The New Season Begins For Deadman Winter And Cheap Deadman 07 Gold

Deadman winter from from September 23 (Friday) 5:30 pm until October 26th game update! The top 2000 players will qualify for Deadman Winter Invitational from Monday, December 11 to Saturday, December 16th. And there have $ 20,000 for Invitational Championship.


In the winter season Runescape was capping the XP at a speed of 500k per day, with a daily attack strength of 750k.

HitPoint XP can only be used with XP. Once you reach your daily combat XP limit, you will no longer get Hit XP. Hitpoint XP is not included in the daily limit.


Outside the safe area, you will now get 15x XP XP and 10x XP other skills. In the safe area, you will now get 10x XP combat and 5x XP other skills.


The rebuild rate on XP is 50 times the rate of recovery in the lost statistics.


Unattended player protects all XP deaths from death.


Now all the runes and arrows are growing at a faster rate. Processing and processing supplies stores will also increase inventory at a faster rate. Lower-level devices will restore more advanced devices faster.


All players attack the skull of the players have a skull punishment. Skull penalties will last for 5 minutes. If you had a skull less than 5 minutes ago, it would be restored to 5 minutes. If you had a skull over 5 minutes ago, it would remain the same.


Have a minute of grace to kill well. This grace period will be temporarily protected from attack by other players. Can be defined as a reasonable killings in their own 30 combat levels to kill a player. If you kill a height higher than yourself, you will always get the grace period for this exemption (for example, the 90-level kill level 126 will get the grace period). If you die within this minute or attack another player, then you will lose the remaining grace period. The grace period will be lost when exiting.


Protecting Magic Protection Prayer does not halve the duration of binding, trap, and magic.


POH swimming pool is not available within 3 minutes of fighting.


Throughout the season, you can not access trolleys, attackers, Zulah and lava dragons.


The following tasks will be done automatically after a week: horror from the depths of the king Ransom, the black knight's fortress, the holy grail, the crystal of Merlin, the murder mystery, a little love, runes mystery, Shilo village, jungle syrup, Druidic ritual, monkey Crazy, tree Gnome village, big tree, animal magnetism, uneasy ghost, Ernest chicken, dangerous priest, lost city.


The desert treasure will be done automatically after two weeks.


Whether or not you do it yourself, the ancient magician will be able to use it in two weeks.


Even if you have not completed all the sub-tasks, all players can buy catastrophic bonus recipes.


All players can access the book from the lighthouse to complete the book.


Changes to the dead items have been implemented. Now you will only lose 80% of the stack of items. This applies only to 5 or more stacks.


In addition to the normal trophies provided by killing them, Callisto, Venenatis, Vetion and Chaotic Elements also have a chance to drop a 4-dose Saradomin brewing.


In addition to the normal spoils of life by killing them, Scorpio, crazy archaeologists and chaotic enthusiasts also have a 5-minute chance to drop a 4-dose Saradomin brew.


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