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News.The Magister - a high-level Slayer boss

PAY ATTENTION! The Magister is coming, the new update of the RS.


Menaphos is the "Scaping Destination" identified this summer, and has never been more real than it is now, with the introduction of The Magister (a senior Slayer boss), and based on your feedback, offers a large number of quality of live updates.




How to get started?

Find a key to the intersection at Sophanem Slayer Dungeon's drop

Find and activate the soul obelisk to summon the magician


What's the Requirements?

115 Slayer (can be promoted)

Go to Sophanem Slayer Dungeon (a small assistant that requires Icthlarin)

RuneScape membership



In the depths of the heart of Sophanem Slayer Dungeon's nausea, lurking an evil, unlike any of the wicked Necro masters you have ever seen as a Magister.

This is a separate game, so this is a real test of your combat knowledge and skills.

Work with your best equipment and enter the dark depth to face him - if you dare.



Perhaps the most fluent drops from the magician are very good. Crush these to release the troubled souls and get the text of the waste.

Combine 100 verses, bless the dunes, the sky or the ocean. When you have three people, apply them to Kharhian Khopesh (or its disguised variant) to elevate it to a powerful 92 weapon.

Followed by pass gloves, there are 85 statistic monster melee gloves. They also give special effects when worn: After using Havoc, your damage to the next attack on the same target increased by 7%.

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Have a good time in the game!