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News.The Guides to Unlock The Lumbridge Reels and RunScape Cloudy of Destiny?

In 2018 Spring Fayre, many players are very concerned about new music unlocked besides collecting festive eggs, especially The Lumbridge Reels. At the same time, you must first obtain the Tarot card token to gain the Cloudy of Destiny RuneScape. Let us know more details.


How to unlock RuneScape The Lumbridge Reels and other music?

The Lumbridge Reels: Join the dance platform events led by Dixie & Mixie and find unlocking in the southeast corner of Fayre. You just need to stand on the platform and try to act according to the leaders' wishes. Then you will be granted prayers XP.

At the same time, by exploring Fayle in the spring of 2018, you can also enjoy new cities, including AsFĂȘteWould Have It, Brass is always green, Mudskipper Calliope and shantytown social behavior.


How to use the Tarot card token RuneScape to get Cloud of destiny?

When joining various activities around fayre, you have the chance to randomly find tarot card, which can be used to obtain or re-transmit a fortune - Cloud of destiny from the fortune teller Kristlin. Each wealth will provide a tip for specific skills. When this skill is completed by acquiring XP, you will receive a medium fortune star for that skill.

Please note that you may have only one luck event and getting a new lucky event will replace the previous lucky event.


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