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News.The Golden City "Menaphos", Explore It on Weekend

Long-run massively multiplayer online (MMO) games Runescape is still active and many of its users can try some new content today .Jagex developers have released the first expansion of the game called Menaphos: the Golden City, Free. Visible in the game, but with today's updates, the players can finally roam the streets, to meet new challenges. Here are the details about this update, buy cheap RS gold to get ready to it now!
There are four new story tasks, the program generated on the city task, a new Slayer Dungeon, Slayer Skill upgrade level of 120, the desert area for a graphical maintenance.

 These activities were originally designed for veterans of the MMO game, but it could also be a new introductory area. Once you have completed a three-part story to explore, let you from the desert to the gates, you can take part in the city quest to explore the collection of items in the area. When you finish your mission in Menaphos, you can go to other places in the RuneScape world and take part in other activities, or you will not be closed for those who do not have a paid subscription game. You can also get 5% of the skills training exercises so that you can catch a higher level of players.

Menaphos is not just a good figure for evolution. In Gold City, the progress of every skill is critical to discovering more stories. This is because a new reputation system, through the selection of factions and the city's reputation system behind the key events, effectively encourage players to see more cities.

So how to play it?
Speaking at the Queen of Harlem Palace, starting the task of the Spades Sword
And what's the Requirements about it?
Stolen hearts, diamonds in rude and RuneScape memberships
 From June 9 to June 12 during the non-player will have an open visit to the weekend. This trial will allow players to explore Menaphos's world for free.

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