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News.The Deadman Winter Finals 2017 Begins on 4th December

The 2017 Deadman Winter Finals begins on  4th December, just next month. Today, we will share the Schedule  and the prize for 2017 Deadman Winter Finals.


2017 Deadman Winter Finals schedule

1. November 23: For the best of luck, it will eventually be publicly tested at Deadman Mode Permadeath on November 23, when they will be invited to their casters for live rehearsals.

2. December 4: The Winter Finals will be held on December 4 at around 12:00 PM GMT.

3. December 9: The Finals will culminate at the Permadeath stage until 7 p.m. GMT on December 9th. Be sure to keep an eye on their official Twitch, starting at 7:00 GMT.



The first place will receive $ 20,000.

The second place will receive $ 10,000

The third and fourth place will receive $ 1,000

The remaining 12 players will receive 12 months membership


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