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News.Temporary Skill Boosts in OSRS – Explained

Old School RuneScape has a ton of ways to get temporary skill boosts for your skills. But many beginners find it to be pretty confusing at the start and so, we decided to make a complete guide explaining what temporary skill boosts are, what they do and how to use them.

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What are Temporary Skill Boosts?

A temporary skill boost is something that boosts a player's level in one or more skills but just for a short period of time due to an item or action performed in the game. These temporary skill boosts help the player to perform activities that are actually not allowed for their current skill level.

In order to better understand it, let me give you an example. It can be a magic potion that increases a player's Magic level by four allowing the players to cast High Level Alchemy with a Magic level of 51 to 55.


Are Temporary Skill Boosts Stackable?

Unfortunately, these Temporary Skills boosts can not be stacked meaning if you use multiple of the temporary boosts, it won’t add up to the one that you are already using.

For example, if one of the TB provides you +2 in mining and other one also provides +1 in mining, this won’t make your mining skill to become +3.

However, these are the visible boosts that we are talking about as for the Invisible boosts, which if you don’t know, are the boosts that the players can not see in the stats screen and unlike the visible boosts, they don’t allow players to perform the activities that are actually above their base level (without any boost).

But the best part is you can actually stack visible boosts over the invisible one. for Instance, if you have a stew boost it can stack with the crystal saw to give you +8 construction boost together.


Uses of Temporary Skill Boosts

Now these Temporary Skill Boosts have a lot of uses depending on the type of skill boost you have and how it affects your skills. These Temporary Skill Boosts can be used for:

· It lets you enter that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to enter because of the level requirement, for example a dwarven stout can boost mining skill to let you enter Mining Guild but not any other.

· It can also help you to perform certain tasks that otherwise would require higher level to perform. For instance, to fish sharks you could use the fishing potion.

· You can also use temporary skill boost to meet the requirements to enter a quest but not all the quests allow it.

· These temporary skill boosts can also increase the pace at which you collect the abilities, even by a very small amount.


List of Items that Giving Temporary Skill Boost

· Potions

· Food

· Drinks

· Spicy stews

· Crystal saw

· Capes of Accomplishment


Final Thoughts

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The Runescapegoldfast Team