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News.Take Part in Oddments and Enjoy the Reward

The new Treasure Hunter activity is coming in Runescape, join it right now and buy more cheap RS gold.


What's the time continue of Oddments?

From August 2, 00:00 UTC to August 7, 23:59, when you open the chest, together with your normal prizes, you will receive Oddments and can be used to get more exciting items.


What can we gain from Oddments?

Alice has cleared some of her old treasures, which gives you the chance to get more prizes!

These small ornaments can exchange several prizes, including more hunter keys and past community events such as Ladalin Sword, Electric Arm Armor and Mystery Staff. You can even get Silverhawk boots (members only) and Spring Cleaner via the Oddments store!

You can get each prize from the chest, the interface will show how much you will get compensation, the more prizes. You can also redeem any unwanted prizes for more compensation for use in the Reward Store. Please note that this will replace cash with gold in the promotion period.



During the event, all the lamps and stars are replaced by prism counterparts! Talk to Mrs. Nicholas and get all the details next to Burthorpe lodestone.

After Alice's stock is over, you will continue to use any remaining dust before August 14 before it becomes dust. Be sure to use them while you can.


Remember the activity time, don't miss it! You will like the reward. And buy rs gold could get 5% extra gold now if you have the coupon code: runescape3