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News.Some patch notes and Diango's New Items

Now,Let's see RuneScape patch notes for July 23rd and Diango's New Items informations,Read carefully.


Patch notes


This week's patch notes is a diverse list of changes.The below are more notable changes:


1.The drop rate for cosmetic items from Solak is adjusted. These items should now be more common.

2.When examined, the Eddy, Penny and Baby Soulgazer pets will show the killcount of their appropriate creatures to allow you to show off how friendly or unfriendly you have been to their kind.

3.Full unlock hints are added for over 70 pets in the pet interface, which can make it easier to work towards the pet you really want to get.


To read the diverse list of changes in full detail, please click here.


Diango's New Items


The RS team has added some items for free to the game.That means you can obtain and collect some awesome free items from Diango RuneScape, located at Draynor Market. And the first batch of free items are:

Astromancer (Full Outfit)
Coronet of Autumn
Coronet of Spring
Coronet of Summer
Coronet of Winter
Gnomeballer's Tunic
Gnomeballer's Shorts
Godless Ceremonial Robes
Large Gnomeball


Please note that Astromancer: 5 piece outfit includes: Astromancer hat, robe top, robe bottom, gloves and boots and Large Gnomeball: when kicked around by players, it can gain new forms which it can be changed into.

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