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News.Some informations about RunePass-Ocean’s Bounty

A new 2-week long event known as Runepass - Ocean's Bounty has been released,Now,let's learn detailed informations about it.


How long will it last?


Runepass - Ocean’s Bounty will last from July 2 to July 15, 2018.


More details about RunePass-Ocean’s Bounty


Runepass brings a variety of challenges and tasks in order for you to progress through tiers - up to 30. Reach higher tiers to unlock more rewards by completing the variety of tasks available.


There are two prize tracks, one is the free path, and there are two tasks available for it, including one repeatable daily task that can be done for 3 starfish each and a one-time weekly task for 25 starfish. The other is the paid one, unlocked by purchasing a Runepass for 400 RuneCoins, which gives access to two news task slots and to the golden track. And the two extra one-time daily tasks can be done for 5 starfish each.


For purchasing the Runepass you'll even get two prizes immediately - the ocean's warrior head and the legendary Water Lycan pet.


Please remember that some prizes are members items, so free to play accounts may not be able to benefit from all tier rewards. Equally, ironmen are able to purchase a Runepass and earn the cosmetics but will not be able to obtain all of the rewards available.


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