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News.Some guides to complete the quest Murder Mystery OSRS and buy rs gold

Now,We will give you some guides to complete the quest Murder Mystery OSRS and after completing the quest,you can get 3 quest points, 1,406 Crafting XP and 2000 coins.please read carefully now.


The quest Murder Mystery is regarded as one of the most unique quests in RuneScape,The guides on the below:

1.Talk to one of the guards around the Sinclair Mansion, north along the path between Seers’ Village and Camelot.

2.Enter the house and search the murder scene on the east side of the ground floor,Collect the pungent pot and the criminal’s dagger.

3.Search the barrels around various bedrooms to get 6 silver items, 4 barrels upstairs and 2 barrels downstairs.

4.Dust each silver item and the dagger with flour & flypaper.

5.Compare the silver items’ prints with the dagger’s print until you get a match.

6.Talk to the poison salesman in the Seers' Village pub and ask who bought the poison.

7.Search the items they say they used the poison on and find who was lying.

8.Talk to a guard and show him all the clues you have found (fingerprints, the poison & the thread), then close the case.


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