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News.Some RuneScape Playtests informations

Today, We will share some Upcoming playtests for RuneScape details for you,Please pay attention to the following informations.


Jagex are planning to increase their visibility with the players, So there will be up to six different RuneScape Playtests in the upcoming months.For vital information and feedback, there will be RuneScape playtests allowing the team to improve upcoming content.


There are some informations for the application


1.You must be 18 years or over, which will be required an ID to prove.

2.You must be available on one of the dates set, and you can select multiple dates. But the team would require you to attend.

3.Applications will be open until July 25,You may only apply once.And you will do the playtest under a Non Disclosure Agreement.


If you are selected, you will be contacted by telephone from a member of the Jagex Team, who will ask further questions on the call to make sure you fit before the formal invitation is sent.


Then an offer will be confirmed on the phone and more details will be sent over email if you match their criteria.


You should remember that you will start the play test at the office at 10am and finish at about 4pm, including a Studio tour and lunch at the office.


For more information about runescape , visit at:RS news page.


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