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News. Some RS The Needle Skips details

Today,We will learn the details about new RS3 quest the Needle Skip,Please read carefully now.


The Needle Skips is a quest featuring the story of a local family and The Needle, one of the Elder Artefacts. It is one of few quests that are fully voice-acted.


There are some guides for you:


1.Start the quest by searching the Needle at the west of Piscatoris and search the body on the ground and talk with the shard of the Needle.


2.Commune with the shard will allow you to search for various keywords. You can skip to the end of each section by entering some specific words: “fireplace” for Chapter 1, “birthday” for Chapter 2 and “wenla” for Chapter 3. Every time you need to go back to the Needle and enter the temporal portal again.


3.Go to the house and pick the buckthorn bush after crossing the bridge for a buckthorn leaf and buckthorn berry,And click them to grind and crush them respectively.


4.Go inside of the house, and use the buckthorn smelling salts on Primrose,And go back downstairs and search the book case. Talk to Megan and say the right name – Metum.


5.Use the bottle Use the bottle of crushed berries on the stove,Then go back to the Needle and use the buckthorn salve on Gail.


6.Pick up the note. Then go back to Megan in the house and give her the note. Quest completed.


There are some rewards for you:


Completing the novice quest will help you gain a 400th quest point. Besides 1 quest point,1 small lamp,1 medium lamp for viewing all the memories,1 large lamp for finding all the keywords,2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice.


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