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News. Smithing QoL and Summer Special details

There are Smithing QoL and Summer Special details,And more latest runescape news please focus on here.


The following are Smithing QoL changes:


1.You're now able to have multiple unfinished items at once.

2.Once you finish an item, you start working on another unfinished item straight away.

3.The progress per swing from no, low and medium heat has been increased.


Summer Special details


Summer Special package available from June 10,Last until August 4, RuneScape Summer Special membership offer is available to purchase for its benefits. With this Summer Special package you can get three months of RuneScape membership for the price of two, which stacks with the existing membership if you already have.


You can also get a brand-new outfit, RuneScape Dragonkin armour with this Summer Special package. An additional RuneScape Premier Club reward token is given to members who have purchased the Summer Special package, and the token can be used to unlock the new Dragonkin Imperial outfit.


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