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News.RuneScape Road Journey - Slayer & Combat Weekend

This specific weekend's the first individuals RuneScape Road Trip bonus events, focused around Slayer and Combat. From 01:00 BST within the 3rd of May right until 00:59 BST with the 5th of May, associates will enjoy a total bunch of benefits intended at making combat far more rewarding.

Here's a good list of the sign up bonuses on offer this weekend:

Double slayer points.
+sixty% base Slayer XP.
Extensive drop tables for Kalphite King, Vorago, Large Mole and Barrows - Increase of the Six.
Nearly all charm drops offer one more charm.
Double amounts away from rare drops, and the actual ring of wealth greatly improves in effectiveness.
Equipment upward, set your points of interest for the meanest monster you are prepared intended for, and enjoy extra Xp and loads of amazing loot all weekend.

Podcast – The trail to Elf City

The way to Elf City, Mod MattHe chats with Modern Osborne, Mod Rowley , Modern Raven and Mod Timbo about the prominent city of the elves, Prifddinas, along with the amazing quest that moves there. The mods review everything from the coming(a) design document release towards the clans inside the urban center, and so much much more!