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News.Shattered Worlds introduces Runescape to procedurally

RuneScape players can view a new portal to the abyss of plains, participating in the broken world, which is a new hacker single game experience. Once there, the player will encounter the "microcosm of the process generated ", each experience will change the variables. These variables include terrain, weather effects and encounters monsters.

In the course of the game, players will encounter countless monsters, but a little distorted. Throughout the journey, players can equip them with weapons kits "benchmarks" because they enter the difficult box. The more players, the better reward.

The chief designer of Jadex's, David Osborne, is keen to let the players know that this is not just an interesting tribal pattern. "It was not just an infinite fight with the monster," he began. " Shattered World" allows players to benchmark their role in armor and weapon sets, as they are further pushed into the upper reaches of the dilemma.


In addition to attracting opponents, players can also solve routine challenges to ensure new cosmetic rewards, including pets, as well as new and highly sought after sigil device slots. The difficulty of breaking the world with every new environment rises until the player overcomes and is finally defeated.

Let's look some pictures about the "Shattered Worlds"

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