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News.Runescape Update: Ghost Stories of Gielinor & Supernova

Lately, Runescape updates Ghost Stories of Gielinor and Supernova in game. Have you prepare for it? Don't forget to buy cheap Runescape Gold here.


Ghost Stories of Gielinor

In the spirit of returning to roots, this Halloween 'Ghost Stories of Gielinor' comes! Reading more details below!

Talking about the closure of the village of De Reno and the death office. Track nine ghosts and help them through the other side and then collect them at Ghastly Grimoire's last moments in exchange for a ghost treatment (including a small XP light or a star, toffee apple or sugar skull and various bones and Ashes), this year's Halloween show (ghost story) and a headless knight's makeup mirror. There are ten stories: five F2Ps and five members (one of which will be received from Closure at the end of the task). You need to charge more than five prizes; however, those who collect them will receive a "... Ghostwriter" title.


Supernova with Double XP on Treasure Hunter

The sky is light with XP, collected a variety of the supreme stars  on Treasure Hunter , get double the Bonus XP of regular fallen star. Use these Bonus XP clips to celebrate the fireworks night and get these levels of training!


Time: from the November 1  to the November 6th


That's all, log in the game for Double XP and play Ghost Stories of Gielinor. Use code 'runescape3' in our site for more 5% free cheap runescape gold now!