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News.Runescape: The Power Of Nostalgic

Runescape is the game of many children born in the 1990s. Runescape is a large multiplayer online role-playing game developed in 2001 that initially became a small project developed by two brothers and will eventually become the main free game set by the Guinness Book of World Records. Created more than 200 million accounts, Runescape will be immortalized in the game industry. It will be players into a fantasy world, where they can confront the devil, chat with friends, complete the task. It is free, but also offers membership, players pay monthly fees, and get constantly updated and most of the players can not access most of the content.

As time goes by, plus a so popular game, the change comes along. Runescape began to expand and conform to modernity. With its original simplicity coupled with pixel design, graphics updates followed, slowly gradually eliminating the once attractive. One of the reasons why Runescape has become so popular is that it does not need to be downloaded, you can play it in the browser, but it is no longer possible to do it through graphical improvements.

With the graphical changes, they also realized this is a new way to fight, so that players are surprised, alienated their loyal players, and forced students to learn a change the rules of the game mechanic.

The biggest blow in the town was 2008, where Runescape developer Jagex canceled free trade and wilderness during the peak of the game's history. Free trade allows players to collect profits collectively. Jagex implemented a cap that would limit the player to profit from the deal, which is the main element of the game.

 This is done to crack down on Chinese gold farmers. A person who earns gold in the game and sells gold with real income. In order not to deceive the system, Ryan Giggs removed the wilderness, a player can play the other side, hoping to get extra characters. The wilderness is a potential loophole that works within the trade ceiling. Update does not consider the player to watch the update, the deletion of the function in the game in the game in the end of the riots. People gather in the various towns in the game and encourage everyone to give up the game until they resume these functions.

As the number of players gradually diminishes, Jagex looks for ways to solve their player problems. The company decided to re-create the old version of the experience, while still running the growing version of Runescape, now known as RS3 (Welcome you buy rs gold from our site , we have 5% discount code: runescape3  + more free rs gold  ). A staff member found a mature game file before 2007, which was when Runescape had been in top priority. In 2007, Jagex opened an independent shopper Old School Runescape.

 As a separate business, it gives the players what they want is: low resolution graphics, simple fights, free trade, wilderness, and will be able to use them before pollting possible update players. Jagex learned from history, then need 75% of the vote to decide to move forward. While it was originally paid to play, but in 2015, the game became free, completely reproducing the original Runescape really feel.

Nostalgia is the most common thing in Hollywood, restart and sequel. They try to raise money in the hearts of people for what they have loved. Some restarts are met with success, such as "Star Wars" or "Transformers", and others are calm, such as the Terminator or Benjamin Hull. Jagex entered a 20-year-old thriving market where they spent countless hours on Runescape when they were younger jobs and had the opportunity to become members while living in nostalgic aspirations while recruiting a new generation of children, hoping for a Free computer games that can play.

With the player tracker provided, it shows that Old Schools Runescape now has twice the number of active players currently running Runescape. In the era of controller domination of the game market and popular market such as wow, Jagex excavated some special things, in addition to other people, successfully entered the nostalgic market.

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