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News.Runescape: Pieces of Hate and Player Gallery

Pieces of Hate

Rabid Jack is back again. He is attacking Mos Le'Harmless and carries zombie pirates, leviathans and puns. So batten down the hatch, mateys. Here's what you need:


Construction (81)

Firemaking (82)

Agility (83)

Thieving (85)

Combat (110)

Completion of Gertrude’s Cat

Completion of A Clockwork Syringe


You can chat with the landlubber Postie Pete through any Player Owned House portal if you’re ready to weigh anchor. Now let's send them to David Jones's locker.


Player Gallery

The player gallery returns to celebrate the release of hate. Send your pirate themed artwork to a chance to win prizes worthy of Pirate's Treasure:


Top 10: Free membership for 1 month

3 place: 1 month free membership and 3 bonds

2 place: 3 membership for one month, three bonds and 400 rune money.

1 Place: 1 month free membership, 3 bonds, 400 RuneCoins, and new Barrelchest graphics update 3D printed hand-painted figurines!


Use #ARRRtGallery to post your work on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or send it to Runescape competitions@jagex.com.


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