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News.Runescape Mimic Boss Guide & Rewards

Mimic Boss has returned to Runescape. As a fans of Runescape, rs4uk will share a simple guide to kill the Mimic Boss with Mimic Kill token. And here is the cheap RuneScape gold for sale.


First, you need to find the Mimic Boss at Alice's Treasure Chamber. The place is accessible through a portal in Burthorpe in the north west of the magnet, where you can send it using the Mimic Kill token. Pay attention: you can get a free tokens until February 19.


Second, according to your own level, choose a suitable version of the Giant Mimic among easy, medium, hard and elite. And the Mimic Boss has two basic attacks: long-range attack: spit out a coins; melee attack: licks you with your tongue. Besides, there will be a random special attack after 3 basic attacks.


3 Special Attacks:

Charge: This attack deals high damage and its target location is marked with a green arrow. You will be stunned if you are caught by it.

Coin launch: The boss can open its mouth and spit out 3 batches of coins in your place.

Leap: If you get caught by the boss, it can do quite a lot of damage, and the simple version does not use it.


Third, when faced with hard and elite versions, 2 giant trace elements are summoned when the giants are below a certain number of life points.


Notice: The time to kill the boss is limited in 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


Rewards of Mimic Boss

Once you have defeated the Mimic Boss, you can win a loot crate of different size. Which may includes scrimshaws of aggression, sacrifice & corruption, Slayer VIP tickets, Mimic weapons, Mimic helm and more. In the meantime, you have a very rare opportunity to get Mimic tongue cape or Mimic plushie from hard and elite Mimic Boss.


Enjoy a free RuneScape Mimic Kill token before Feb 19th.  Besides, you can buy cheap Runescape Gold from runescapegoldfast.com.