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News.Runescape: Gemstacks Added in Treasure Hunter

Gemstacks have come to Runescape Treasure Hunter now. Different kinds of prizes you can get in Gemstacks, so Join Gemstacks for fun right now.


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From 00:00 on Thursday March 22th to 23:59 on Monday March 26th, you can find two new bars on the Treasure Hunter interface.


Your rarity bar on the left. Fill this to unlock the key chances of all yellow, all orange or all red prizes. The multiplier on the right. Fill this to unlock double, triple or quadruple prize opportunities! And you can use the toggle button at the top of the interface to swap the bar you are filling.


Normally, use the Treasure Hunter key to fill in the bar of your choice. When you unlocked a boost, the boost can take effect at any time no matter which bar you fill.


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