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News.Runescape: Easy Guide for Insurmountable Horror

Today, we will share the Easy Guide about the Horrors. First of all, you need a Witchwood icon and complete Cabin Fever to access Mos Le'Harmless. Please learn more details of Horrors guide below.


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You need to prepare what for Unspeakable Horrors

At first, your Slayer level must be at least 58, and you need to purchase a witchwood icon from Slayer Master to protect yourself fromCave horrors and Unspeakable horrors. Second, you need a light source, such as Seer's headband 4 or a a bullseye lantern operating in the cave. Third, because the horror is distributed northeast of Mos Le'Harmless Caves, you must complete Cabin Fever's mission to enter Mos Le Harmless.


Get to the Mos Le'Harmless Caves

You can teleporte there with rum(red or blue) from Honest Jimmy's House of Stuff. In addition, if you can repair the bridge between Fairy Circle and Mos le'Harmless, you can tilt into the cave through the fairy ring. But the easiest way is to use a charter ship to get there.


What you watch out for when fighting against Unspeakable Horrors?

Although you can do harm to horrors without Witchwood icon, this icon counteracts their special attacks, which can deal 10% damage to your total health in melee range. Also keep in mind that these injuries cannot be deflected by close combat and protection from melee prayers.

Besides, if you enter the cave without a light source, according to your point of life, you will soon be killed by bugs.

Finally, no matter what combat level the monsters are, they are very aggressive. After staying 5-10 minutes near the monster, they will become docile, can be reset by running out of this area, and then return.


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