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News.Runescape 16 Year Celebration: Anniversary Cake Return

Some players have found that the RuneScape Anniversary Cake has been back in the game, which means that the 16th anniversary celebration should start, though this has not been officially confirmed. But enjoy it at first.


What is RuneScape 16th Anniversary?

Last year, RuneScape held a series of events, including a party venue, balloons and a special anniversary edition. But for now we do not yet know how Jagex celebrates its 16th anniversary and what we can enjoy.


What can you do with the 16th RS Anniversary cake?

According to reports, the player using the returned RS anniversary cake has been released, and it should have the same functionality as the previous one. It should be able to add up to 2200 life points at level 88, depending on your level. Please note that the cake can be eaten every 3 minutes.


In any case, you can usually take a new RS anniversary cake by the end of January. Check your inventory immediately after logging into the game. Furthermore, whenever you need buy Runescape gold, Runescapegoldfast.com is your best choice! The 5% free coupon code 'runescape3' is prepared for you!