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News.RuneScape novice task Raiders 1

Enter the game , you can ask a lot of direction, you can practice anything , that is what I have practiced . Well, I entered,the game started.

First, enter the game off a train , where you do not intend to leveling , in order to complete it wants.

First and flashing arrows have people talking , do not care for him to say something , fast talking about , you see the arrow on the door , opened the door and there is an outside person , human head with an arrow , and talk to him , he will give you the ax and matchbox , click on the ax , and then click a tree, you'll start cutting down trees , until you have a pile of wood inventory , then click click matchbox wood, you had a fire . Then the head with an arrow and another person to talk , he gave you a fishing net , you went to the water's edge , where shiny shrimp fishing , groan , went to the front of a fire just a bunch of students , click shrimp, click fire , you begin to grilled shrimp . If you are burned , to re- come , baked until golden brown shrimp you can go out. It is to note the upper right of the game screen map , there will be an arrow prompt you to go there. Click the cursor on the map , open the fence gate , you see a house , walked herd.

Opened the door , saw a cook, and talk to him , he will give you a bucket of water and a jar of flour. Click the bucket , then click flour canister , so the dough has emerged. Then the screen arrow appears , you click on the dough , then click on the place indicated by the cursor , you people just do bread , and after talking to do , and he will give you a new chef of the same thing, do it again , this time you chef level will rise to 2 , there is an indicator arrow on the map , walked over to open the door , counting the road to the north , into another house .