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News.RuneScape: What's coming up in August?

Hello, RuneScaper! The August is coming, what's coming up of RS? Runescapegoldfast here to tell you about it below.



Throughout the month in August, due to the beach back to the Lumbridge crater area, there are plenty of sandy travelers. This is a great way to improve your skills with tropical twist.

Pick up lobster-like boss monster Clawdia, try your hand in coconut shy, or treasure hunt, sand castle, warships, rock, beach ball rolling, hook duck, weightlifting or barbecue, with convenient portal to your favorite distraction And the new Terrorbird racing course! If all the sounds sound too cumbersome, it is also a good place to relax with a cocktail under the palm trees.

In addition to many of the existing seaside items, this year also added a lot of new unique rewards, such as new hammock recreational animation or sand castle pets.


Achievement System Part 2

The second part of our new achievement system is also in this month's game, according to your continued recommendations to bring some new features and interface improvements.

We have a "player check" feature where you can see the achievements of other players and compare yourself by side by side, even compare the new grades we add and give different scores for each achievement they receive difficult.

We also added a bunch of new things about random fun, games and a few related to PvM meet.


Crystal Skillchompas

Tyras Camp North has emerged a new type of hunter enemy: elusive crystal skill.

Like other techniques, it is a terrible little animal that greatly enhances the XP level of training for the advantage of divination, fishing, mining and wood carving. You need a hunter up to 97 to try to catch them, but they function like a crystal tool, and when you do a very high hunter XP speed.

We also add a new bonus for all skill hunting, where high levels of agility now allow multiple skills to be captured in the same trap.


In other news

There are many other things that will be played in August, such as improving the way to get more skills and higher scores, because the size of the ninja team doubled, and made the most you want to improve.


Finally, don't forget to buy cheap RS gold , make full preparation to enjoy the coming of RS in August!


Please enjoy!