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News.RuneScape Treasure Hunter: Tribal Trials

Good news for RuneScape players. An all-new Tribal Trial is available this week in Runescape. And you will get new outfits, weapon overrides and a companion pet!


During 00:00 on April 18 to 23:59 on April 23, open the Treasure Hunter  requesting a Tribal Task list. On the contrary, if you are a Iron Man, you should speak to Diango. Each card can complete 16 tasks and give regular rewards. Pay attention to your task list to get more rewards such as more color options and new companion pet Howie!


When you into the task? Win Treasure Hunter's Tribal Mask stamps, skip the task of needing help, or get 2 free stamps from the wandering tribe NPC. These stamps are all over Gielinor. And new companion pet Howie can also be promoted in Treasure Hunter.


Please note that if you completely sign the contract, the tribal mask stamp cannot be deposited due to a functional change.


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