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News.RuneScape: The Golden City Menaphos Hands-On

Last weekend, Runescape allow players to explore "the Golden City" Menaphos's world for free. Do you play it last weekend? Today, we runescapegoldfast as a sharer to tell you the details about the Menaphos.


If you take this into account, Runescape is still playing for 16 years after the initial release, and having an active community is very unusual. Jagex has been supporting its MMORPG weekly updates, adding new tasks or new skills here, or it might be new, but this game is the first release. It is called Menaphos: the golden city, it offers a huge space that looks like an old Egyptian city. We have the opportunity to open the door in front of the public, we quickly browse Runescape added new content.


Outside the wall, we find ourselves in a vibrant open sandy desert, and there is a thriving city, including the market, tombs, heaven, pyramids and ancient gods. From our memory, we remember that Menaphos was always there, but never entered, we also noticed that the game looks better than we remember, especially the lightning effect has been greatly improved, the whole Runescape looks more smooth. For such an old game looks good, but it still has enough system requirements, you can play in the browser, many Runescape players can still use.


The extension is the favorite fan of the request, introducing some new game concepts. New players and experienced players can enter Menaphos, although new players must first play three tasks (about 5 hours) in order to better understand the narrative background. The main task allows the player to seize Pharaoh and God through rebellion. After the completion of the four tasks, this corruption task will be completed, these tasks can be completed within an hour, but not only expansion.


One of these supplements is a new dynamic task, known as a city mission, programmed and gained a reputation in different urban factions. These tasks are your typical collection tasks, just like all other MMO use tasks. Players can provide incentives for these different factions, depending on which faction the player likes, and they will receive different rewards. More interesting is to transfer the grave. The work of the grave is like a trial, more emphasis on speed and skill than fighting. Players get a 5 minute time limit, break a certain number of pots, open the chest, solve the sarcophagus problem, use the rope to leave the grave, collect the items they find. If you go too late, you will lose this item. This is a new plugin for Runescape's MMORPG traditional game.


Looking for a combatant can solve Slayer Dungeons, which is the last game of a senior adventurer. The hat's killer level has also improved, and now has been raised to 120 because it is one of the necessary skills and more popular skills. Players will explore the underground graves are also in the production process, rather than counterattack pot, these toys are filled with deadly monsters. What we see in practice is the dark place, full of enemies and deadly puzzles.


Even God, they will oppose you in Menaphos. Crocodile happy goddess Karen Stan lived in the palace while she asked her and her people to ask her and her lover and laughter. She is just one of many colorful characters in Menaphos. At the end of the road, the player will challenge the greedy Pharaoh himself in the boss's battle. His guards must first be handled well; once they are defeated, Pharaoh's own entry, releasing a poisonous green swimming pool, is more difficult to avoid when filling the square of the fight.


The last place we visited was a large library, which is the perfect example of the Runescape faithful community. Here, Giggs placed a book full of fans story, added the story. Sometimes this expansion is almost like Indiana Jones adventure, the streets are full of vitality. Flowing cat walking in dusty streets, as well as magic carpet ride. Those who have not visited Runescape for a while should have enough reason to check and find Menaphos' secrets.


If you've always wanted to try Runescape, but have never seen it now is the perfect time. Enjoy the Menaphos, you will love it! Here, runescapegoldfast as a professional online RS gold store, if you lack of the Runescape gold when you in game. Choose us to buy the cheap RS gold, and we will update the RS news and guides always!