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News.RuneScape: RuneScape Solak and Overgrown Idols Release This Month

This month in May, Runescape will release some new contents such as RuneScape Solak, training methods Overgrown Idols and so on. Now learn more information what can we get from them?


RuneScape Solak Reward: Blightbound Crossbow

Runescape Solak has become his home in the lost woods. You will find Merethiel here. This is an old elf whose story is entwined with Solak's story. During the battle, you will fight with her and try to grab Solak from her brother Erethdor.

There are two ways to use Solak: duo-mode and seven-player mode, and duo-mode Solak is designed to be the most powerful combat challenge in the game. No request to try Solak.

If you defeat Solak, there will be special rewards, and the biggest one will be RuneScape Blightbound Crossbow.


Get woodcutting XP from RuneScape Overgrown Idols

RuneScape Overgrown Idols is a new 81-level woodcut training method. If you need to rest from the choking Ivy to get woodcut experience, then this is a welcome option.

The idols who lost the Kalamcan deities were destroyed in Kalamja and covered with forest plants. When you break them, the following idols will be revealed, and then you can touch to gain an increase in your logging power. You can choose to bring these improvements to other logging methods or benefit from Overgrown Idols.


RuneScape Solak and other content will be available in May. If you want cheap RuneScape gold, come to Runescapegoldfast.com to buy more!