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News.RuneScape Rebuilds Edgeville Quick Guide

The short quest RuneScape Rebuilding Edgeville has been released in the game, with Mandrith asking for your help to clean up Edgeville after the attack. From the quest you will get the RuneScape Dragon Light, from which you have access to Effy pets.




RuneScape Rebuilds Edgeville Quick Guide

1. Get a to-do list after talking to Mandrith RuneScape. The tasks can be completed in any order.

2. Go to the Aggie home north of Draynor Village Bank and steal Aggie's broom. Charge with 100 water runes. Then return to Edgeville and sweep out four scorches at Edgeville.

3. Talk to Jeffery and find Jeffery's hammer on the east side of the bank. Then fix the following buildings:

Bank of the North House

Market stalls in the north of the bank

Broken window on the north side of the bank

Jeffery Armory on the east side of the bank

Security Room

House in the southeast of the river

4. Dedicate or destroy the skeleton that burned north of the bank.

5. Use five RuneScape Bitter Mushrooms to clean the fairy's ring in the southern part of the genus.

6. Remove the wall and roof piece directly in the southwest direction of the fairy ring.

7. Breed four charred trees. Then return to Mandrith to get a reward.


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