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News.RuneScape Quest You Are It Guide and Rewards

The new bottle task You Are It has been released in RuneScape. Of course, you'd better learn the "You Are It" Quest guide, and then go to win old necklace, puzzle casket, Sealed clue scrolls and more. If you haven't finished yet, read the Quick guide below.


Quick guide:

Trying to chop the normal tree in the southwest of crate McGrubor's Wood.

Read the mysterious clue scroll.

Talk to Reldo at the Varrock Library.

Remove all the worn items and then perform Cry and Panic emotes in that order next to Duke Horacio in Lumbridge Castle.

You Are It mysterious clue dig location.

Excavation location at the cemetery in Lumbridge.

Use the "dig" option for mysterious cues in the southwest corner of the Lembridge cemetery.

Enter the POH portal in Rimmington.

Interact with the bookcase in the western room of Draynor Manor, the room in front of Ava; the first room after entering the building.

Use casket key to open the locked casket.

Return to McGrubor's Wood with a rope and dig 2 spaces in the south of the crate.

Follow the path and investigate the cutscene animation of the coffin.

Investigate the mantle.

Quest completed!



From the URIT RuneScape Quest you will get an old necklace that can be used to make Charos RuneScape necklaces. This will complete the achievements of the Trickster’s Trinkets. You can also get a Quest point with simple, medium, and hard sealed clue scrolls along with 2 Treature Hunter keys and 2 Hurst Ice.


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