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News.RuneScape Mobile playtest details in May 2018

The RuneScape team latest news tell us how RS Mobile last playtest went,The below is all details about it,Please read carefully.


Changes on RuneScape Mobile


1.Changes to adapt the mini menu will now allow the content teams to make changes to the visual appearance, and have more control on what and how information is displayed.And Dropdown menu options have also had the height increased to be easier to tap.


2.They have moved chat to be in the top left and added a “Reply to PM” button after player feedback. Meanwhile there is a button to swap between the standard and social ribbons added while a fullscreen version of chat is removed. Besides, a fully minimise chat has been readded with message notifications.


3.Increased size of bank preset buttons, Position of the search box in Grand Exchange is moved.


4.Slot sizes of the backpack, worn equipment and ability books are increased. Text and buttons on the ribbon become larger. The height of child windows now adapts if the mini map and/or combat mode is hidden.


5.Target switching - This is a feature that'll allow you to enable the targeting system, in this you can toggle between a variety of settings and will be available to mobile as well as desktop users.


In this playtest the Runescape team introduced 'Mobile gesture support' allowing testers to use swipe and pinch functions for the first time. Alongside this came chatbox & combat mode changes, removing obstructions from the game view, finally we expanded some interfaces to make it easier to interact with on mobile.


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