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News.RuneScape Carnival Competition informations

Are you interested in RuneScape Carnival Competition? Now,Let's learn all details about it.Read carefully.


Until June 29, there is RuneScape Carnival Design Competition for Solomon’s General Store. Players are given the chance to design something new for the store, including outfit, pet, skilling override and more.and please submit your designs to "competitions @jagex.com" with the subject ‘Solomons’ Store - Design Competition’ and your username/display name included.


The theme for the competition is the carnivals and festivals going on all around the world, such as the Mexican Day of the dead, local LGBT Pride Event, Venice Carnival, or Glasto’. Anything going at a carnival can be brought to the Gielinor. And you just need to design something fitting with the theme for the Solomon’s Store.


If you choose an outfit, please keep in mind it comes in several parts. So you’ll need to think of both male and female avatars: Head or Hairstyle, Body, Legs, Hands, Feet, Cape, Weapons (Main hand & Off-hand) and Effects.Alos a customizable pet (legendary, companion or standard follower0, a new emote or rest animation, or a new skilling override.


One thing you need to pay attention :Since this is a design competition, the entries for Services like new Bank Boosters will not be accepted.


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