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News.RuneFest Shield And Halloween Skin Poll

The RuneFest 2017 is coming soon. There have a new cosmetic shield this year. Inaddition, you can vote the colors which you like for Halloween Skin now. And remember to buy cheap RuneScape gold on Runescapegoldfast.com.


How To Get New Cosmetic Shield In RuneFest?

RuneFest hits us on Saturday, September 23th, and Runescape released a new cosmetic shield this year. This cosmetic shield does not provide defensive statistics, purely for fashion. Shields are for those who participate in RuneFest or tune in to all-day stream. Those who get the code will be able to exchange with Diango in the village of Drayo.


This year's RuneFest is the bigest yet of Old School. We are directing more stage time and Old School - especially the next 12 months not to be missed!


Which Colors Would You Vote For Halloween Skin?

Runescape has worked hard to design this year's Halloween event. Runescape wants to provide a new skin color as a reward for completing the event.


There have 3 colors blue, green, and purple for Halloween Skin? You can choose the color you like and vote for it!


We can't wait for RuneFest on September 23th, will you take part in it? You can buy the RS gold in cheapest price on Runescapegoldfast.