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News.RuneFest 2016 runescapegoldfast with cheap rs gold

You guys are awesome and together we have pretty much reached the fabulous milestone of 250 million developed RuneScape Accounts,SO Buy cheapest Runescape Gold  price with RS 3 Gold  : runescapegoldfast rs 3 gold 230 Million  Gold + Free 23 million  $56.81 . That is a tremendous achievement for the community and not something that should go unnoticed.

It probably hasn't escaped your focus that RuneFest 2016 is just over a
week away!

Check out this week's BTS for any recap of each of the spectacular items you can actually anticipate at the occasion and also how it is easy to comply with the action wherever you are.

RuneScape (virtually) hits 250 million accounts ┬ĘC remain tuned!

So, tune in on Monday for more information on how this may be celebrated in


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