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News.Royal Rhinos and New Seasonal Hiscores

We’ve partnered with the charity United for Wildlife on the United for Rhino campaign to help them raise understanding of illegal wildlife trade, in particular rhino  horn trade.

Today, RuneScape members can begin the journey to adopting a white or black royal rhino pet in-game.

All you should do is visit the young conservationists that are anticipating you in Burthorpe to tell everybody about the plight on the rhinos - particularly the dangers  they face from poachers inside the wild.

The conservationists, Trang and Mauricio, is going to be there for two main weeks and definately will supply you with a different multiple choice question, linked to the plight with the rhinos  and illegal wildlife trade, on a daily basis.

To look at a white royal rhino, everything you need to do is answer 3 questions correctly in the 14 day period, and also to adopt your black Royal Rhino you have to answer 7  questions correctly.

The royal rhinos within your care are extra special. To thank you for saving them, there're offering an XP buff, 5% have got the white rhino and 10% to the black  rhino.

Moreover, those with 96 Summoning can use your white rhino being a pack yak, offering you usage of a Pack Yak inventory for 1.5 hours in substitution for a pack  yak pouch. Your black rhino supplies the same for 2 hours.

These extras will last to the a couple weeks which our young conservationists will be in game as well as for two weeks whenever they have shifted with lands. Then, your rhinos  it's still along, just minus those special extras.